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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Ok, so it's a belated Merry Christmas and a premature New Year celebration, but what the hell! You punks will be celebrating five hours ahead of me this yeah, you cheating bastards! I hope that you all have a good 'un, but just to make sure, I thought that I'd add something special to your festive season with this classic Hoff photo! If you haven't done so already, you should really check out the fantastic "Night Before Christmas" album from the man himself - it's a cracker!

Anyway, buh bye for now!
The Hoff at Christmas!
Posted by Gaz on Saturday 31st December 2005

Curry, anyone?
Wow, it's only been about three full months since I've put any "news" on here, oops! I've neglected this place a bit, with my crappy blog gaining my attention. Anyway, who fancies a curry at mine on Saturday evening? I'll be cooking it mind, so you'll need to be brave. (You don't have to be brave about the strength of the curry, as I'm quite a timid curry eater - You have to be brave because I could potentially kill you - no biggy though!)

Once you've braved the curry you're welcome to drown your sorrows all night. All you need to do is let me know if you're interested, and bring your own booze! I'll only be cooking for eight though, so any more and you'll either have to sit there and watch, or come round after. Ha.
Posted by Gaz on Sunday 4th December 2005

Upcoming Gigs
I've taken the effort to compile a list of upcoming gigs that myself and others plan on going to. Phill and myself are going to all of them, with OE and Tone joining us for the A and Millencolin gigs. I've already bought the tickets for us four for those two gigs and we have a shared room at the fantastic Monroes waiting for us. So, if you want to go to either of those two gigs, don't ask me to sort it out. Book the tickets yourself with whoever else and sort out your accomodation. I will try to keep an updated list of who's going to what gigs as long as the people in question let me know which they're going to. Don't expect me to mother you and sort that shit out for everyone though. Anyway, here's the vital info:

When: Tuesday 13th September
Where: Manchester Apollo
Supporting: The Letters Organize & Send More Paramedics

The tickets for this gig have already sold out, but if you're really desperate you can always buy some off eBay... You may even manage to pick up a cheap ticket if you wait till the last minute. I doubt they'll be many chances in the future to see The Offspring at such a small venue, especially for what's sure to be a greatest hits tour.

When: Thursday 6th October
Where: Manchester Academy
Supporting: Capdown & My Awesome Comp

Jillys Rockworld is on the cards after this gig, especially at £1.50 in and £1.50 a bottle, which means staying over at the ever fantastic Monroes B&B!

When: Monday 10th October
Where: Manchester Academy
Supporting: American Hi-Fi, MC Lars & Army of Freshmen

When: Saturday 5th November
Where: Manchester Academy
Supporting: Flogging Molly, Randy & The Unseen (The Eastpak Antidote Tour)

Millencolin, Saturday night, bonfire night, and in Manchester. Yep, it's another night at Jillys Rockworld and Monroes B&B!

When: Friday 11th November
Where: Manchester Academy
Supporting: Electric Eel Shock & The Lucky Nine

Posted by Gaz on Friday 5th August 2005

I'm on!
Yay! I noticed some guy taking photos at the Sum 41 gig Phill and myself went to in Manchester early on, so when he was taking some of the crowd I made sure I got on one, and shiver-me-timbers he only went and used it for the BBC website! (Yes, I AM a geek, so I got pretty excited when I found out). Well played to Phill for
stumbling upon it on the BBC website! The original page with this photo and more from the same guy is here! Some select photos that I took from the gig are in the Photos section, so go and check them out as they're pretty f*&king awesome if I do say so myself. (Especially when you consider the fact that I was taking them from the crowd!) I think that getting my camera trashed at System of a Down was a silent godsend as my new camera is ace!
Posted by Gaz on Thursday 14th July 2005

Problems logging in with Internet Explorer
There was a problem with logging in to the site with Internet Explorer, in that it wouldn't allow a user to log in if their security settings were set to medium or above. (Yes yes, or a custom level which sets the appropriate flags to prevent said actions, before some wise-ass chips in). Since I don't use Internet Explorer, I didn't notice this problem. However, seeing as about 90% of internet users use Internet Explorer, you really do have to accommodate for it. (Plus the website looks much better in Internet Explorer with its nice fade in/out rollovers). A temporary work-around was to lower the security settings, so that Internet Explorer didn't demand a privacy policy, but this of course is WRONG. (Though not quite as wrong as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s nasty nipple hair covered breasts of jelly). Ner Ner! I've since found the cause and solution of/to the problem...

The web space that I'm using to host this site is my ADSL provided web space. (Yes, that's right; I'm using the web space that I'm already paying for instead of paying for MORE web space just for you fairies). This web space couldn't be linked to a domain name directly, so instead I forwarded the domain name to my web space using a frame. When logging in, it starts a session between the web server and the client, but has to obviously portal that information through the server hosting the framed index page. Internet Explorer, in all its pearly wisdom, notices this, holds up its palm of might, and simply says "ACCESS DENIED". Bugger. Aaaww!

So, instead of forwarding the domain name to my web space via a frame (thus keeping the domain name static in the address bar when browsing the site), I've had to change to a full web server forward. This means that as soon as you enter the site, the domain name ( leaves the address bar and is substituted for my web space URL ( The (now) obvious advantage to this is that people don't have to lower their security settings to access the site. Another advantage is that whenever you're browsing the site and see a photo/page that you want to copy/paste/bookmark the URL for, you can do just that.

Anyway, moving on... I've also ironed out another "Magic Quotes" related problem found by Sir Garry Tattersall! (He's still not getting his face on the main page though, ahahahahaha!). I'm sure that there are more bugs to be squashed, so if you run in to any problems with the site, let me know. Grab me on MSN or use the funky Contact button on the left which routes all queries straight to me! This will probably be my longest ever news post for this site! Smile!
Posted by Gaz on Tuesday 5th July 2005

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